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中欧商事合作协会(China-Europe Commercial Collaboration Association,CECCA)是旅英律师、学者发起成立的非盈利性社团组织,总部设于英国伦敦,内设常设法律顾问团队和高级顾问组。 


  • 针对中欧商贸领域快速深入发展的前景及法律交流、服务方面的现状,协会致力于搭建中欧企业家、律师团队及学者之间的对话交流平台; 
  • 为致力于开展法律交流、提供法律服务的组织、团队及个人给予量身定制的专业服务,定期举办讲座、会议活动和专业培训; 
  • 促进中欧各个会员了解中欧商贸法律领域的前沿学术成果、最新的司法实践方面动态,以及各国会员间的相互了解,创造相互合作的可能、分享信息资源、为共同发展提供便利; 
  • 协会的法律团队和顾问组,致力为商事和航运企业和个人会员在对外贸易中所面临的法律问题,提供评估意见和风险评估报告。   


  • 举办各类专题讲座、研讨会、商务培训及餐会等;
  • 往年年会主题包括海事海商贸易、欧洲经济和难民危机背景下的机遇和挑战、全球化背景下海运贸易的特点和最新动态、航运企业的经营管理模式、欧洲各国港口和进出口政策等。
  • 组织和协助出版、发表专业课题方面的书籍及刊物,定期与剑桥大学出版社、牛津大学出版社、荷兰Brill 出版社等合作出版。
  • 推动会员间跨地域、跨文化、跨专业的合作,并协助会员找寻海外合作伙伴及潜在客户。

Founding Directors

Dr Lijun Zhao


  • Co-Founding Director of CECCA
  • Qualified lawyer in China
  • Member of China Centre (Maritime) of Southampton Solent University
  • Adjunct Professor at Beijing International Studies University and  Shanghai Maritime University
  • Reviewer of Journal of Navigation with Cambridge, and Maritime Policy & Management (SSCI flagship journal)

Dr Liz Lijun Zhao is a Lecturer in Law  (Assistant Professor equivalent) at Middlesex University. She pursued  her legal education in the UK (PhD – Bangor), and China (LLB, LLM and  MPhil in law). Liz has expertise in international trade and maritime  law. Besides legal training, she has an interdisciplinary background in  economics, business and management. Liz is also a qualified Fellow of  the British Higher Education Association. 

Before joining academia, Liz was called to the Bar of P.R. China and specialises in  commercial law and judicial review. She successfully passed the PRC Bar  Exam in 2008 and worked as a lawyer in Beijing, handling commercial  cases. Liz has also acted as a consultant for several governmental law  reform projects. Dr Zhao has held visiting posts at various  institutions including Harvard Law School, the Max Planck Institute for  Comparative and Private Law in Hamburg, Swansea University, Cardiff  University and Shanghai Maritime University. Prior to joining Middlesex  University, Dr Zhao was a Teaching Fellow and Liaison Officer at Bangor  University, and Executive Editor of Journal of China University of Political Science and Law.  

Recently, Liz served as Co-Founding Director of the China-Europe  Commercial Collaboration Association (CECCA), a Member of China Centre  (Maritime) of Southampton Solent University, Adjunct Professor at  Beijing International Studies University and Shanghai Maritime  University to conduct some collaborative projects. Liz’s research  has been published widely. She specialises in International Trade,  Commerical law, Maritime and Transport Law, Comparative and Chinese Law.  Many articles of hers have been published in international  peer-reviewed journals. Some articles are archived by the UN Library and  indexed in the UNCITRAL Bibliography on international trade and  maritime law. 

Miss Shengnan Jia


  • Co-Founding Director of CECCA
  • Doctoral Researcher at City, University of London
  •  Supporting Member of London Maritime Arbitrators Association 
  • Member of China  Centre (Maritime) of Southampton Solent University; 
  • Member of the Professional Committee of Maritime Law of Beijing Municipal Lawyers Association and Lawyer
  •  Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering 
  •  Shengnan serves as a partner in Tahota law firm. Before that, she served as a partner in Beijing Beidou Dinging Law Firm and a lawyer in the Zhongrui Law Firm in Beijing. 

Shengnan obtained her Bachelor of Laws ( LL.B) from Beijing Union University, undertook her first Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, majoring in Civil Commercial Law in 2009 and completed a second Master degree from Lund University and World Maritime University in Sweden, studying toward a combined degree in Maritime Law in 2013.

Shengnan served as a partner in Beijing with the Beidou Dinging Law Firm since 2003. She currently holds a new position managing international business in the Zhongrui Law Firm in Beijing.

Shengnan disposed of some influenced cases in the Supreme Court of P.R.C. Part of them have been incorporated into guiding cases.

  • Xinjiang Kefang Cotton (Group) Co.Ltd. v. Urumchi Office of China Hearing Asset Management Co., Ltd: No. 32, [2006] Civil Division II, Final ( A Case about Dispute over Asset Transfer and Equity Interest Management Contract);
  • Yantai Penghui Service Co. Ltd v. Beijing Haidian Branch of Agriculture Bank of China: No. 22 [2006] Civil Retrial, Kang; ( A Case about Dispute over Certificate of Deposit);
  • Pantai Branch of China Everbright Bank v. yenta Engineering Corporation Limited & Yantai Yinfeng Trade Company Limited: No. 8, [2007] Civil Retrial, Kang, ( A Case about Dispute over Bank's Acceptance Bill and Guarantee Agreements);
  • Commercial Bank of Lanzhou v. Lanzhou Haoye Real Estate Development Co. Ltd: [2007], civil Division II, Final, ( A Case about Dispute over Loan Contract);
  • Shenyang Yinshengtiancheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. v. Shenyang Office of China Hearing Asset Management Co., Ltd: No125 [2009], Civil Retrial, Cert, ( A Case about Dispute over a Contract on Assignment of Claims).

Shengnan has published some articles in books as well. E.g. "Incorporation of Charterparty Arbitration into Bills of Lading: Chinese Cases in Perspective" in New Challenges in Maritime Law, Dec. 2015; "Collision and Oil Pollution Liability: International and Chinese Perspectives" in Current Issues in Maritime and Transport Law; "The Lien as a Security Device and Contractual Remedy in Charterparties: Common and Civil Law Perspectives", in a Thomas-Reuters edited book (forthcoming).

Editorial Board

Dr Chi Zhang


  • Deputy editor in Chief, CECCA Newsletter (ISSN 2631-3405) on commercial law; 
  • Lecturer in Commercial Law at School of Law and Humanities, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing).    

Dr Zhang pursued his Ph.D.in commercial law at The University of Glasgow (UK) and obtained LL.B. and LL.M. from Tsinghua University (China). His research interest and teaching experience are corporate governance, law and regulation of trusts and investment funds and comparative law.     Dr. Zhang has published more than ten articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited books both in English and Chinese. His recent publications include:   • ‘Shareholder Primacy and the Corporate Governance of the UK’ in Zhihui Liu (ed), Shareholding Structure and Corporate Governance: A Comparative Law Approach (Law Press 2017) (forthcoming). • ‘The Distorted Governance Model of Venture Capital Limited Partnerships in China: A Political Perspective’ (2017) 38 (6) Business Law Review (forthcoming). 

Haiyang Yu


  •  Deputy Editor in Chief, CECCA Newsletter (ISSN 2631-3405) on maritime law  

Haiyang graduated with a Master of Laws degree (LL.M. in Commercial Law) from Erasmus University Rotterdam, specializing in Maritime & Transport Law (Class 2017). He Obtained his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) in 2016.   Haiyang has presented his research at several international research conferences and seminars, such as ‘The 8th Maritime Law & Policy International Postgraduate Research Conference’ (In April 2017, London). Besides his research presentations, during Haiyang’s master study, he was selected to attend the ‘Marine Insurance Masterclass’, organized by DUPI Insurance Group and Erasmus School of Law(ESL). He was also selected to the Thesis Project by ESL, which aimed to prepare the attendances for conducting academic research and PhD application.   Haiyang won Third Prize in the 14th Chinese National Round of JESSUP International Law Moot Court in 2016 on behalf of ECUPL. He was awarded with several scholarships by ECUPL and his paper on Money Laundering Crimes was published in 2015.  

André da Silva Mendes 安德烈


Member of Events Team

Brazilian-qualified attorney aiming to achieve an international career profile. Ten-years experienced in International Trade involving Chinese companies.